Coco Chips

origin: Viet Nam
price: Call for pricing

This is an ideal substitute for wood bark in flowerpots and flowerbed decorations. Help improve water holding capacity, micro-organism activity, promotes optimum soil temperature, helps, and ideal soil aeration.

Product Type: Washed

Form: Block Size: Large Crush 01 -18mm, Medium Crush 01- 12mm, Crush 01-07mm, Extra Large 20-30mm

Made in Viet Nam

Weight: 4.5KG, 5KG

Grade S 12-18mm, SS 08-12mm, SSS 04 - 08mm, SSSS 03-06mm

Colour: Brown

Size: 10 mm EC: > 1.00 mS/cm

PH: 6 to 75         

Moisture: 15 % to 20%

Impurities: Less than 2%

Dust: Less than 2%