Coconut Peat Grow Bags

origin: Vietnam
price: Call for pricing
packing: UV treated Polybag (outside white; inside black)

Coco Peat grow bags are used for growing greenhouse flower crops like Carnation, Rose, Gerberas and Chrysanthemum and vegetables such as tomatoes, capsicum, strawberries and cut flower production. The slabs are easy to wet and it’s fully organic. Due to long life of grow bags, they can be reused and crops such as roses can be grown in the same grow bag slab for around 6 years.

 The plastic is UV treated according to customer requirements; availability (white (outside)/black (inside). They can also be supplied as slab without the bag. Different possibilities to make it easier for growers: planting holes/cuts, pre-drilled dip holes, drainage cuts, tailor made sizes.

Grow bags are OMRI listed products. They are certified for organic

Made in Viet Nam

Available Sizes: 20 cm to 120 cm in Length 10 cm to 20 cm in Width  10 cm to 20 cm in Height (when expanded).

Electrical Conductivity: < 1.0 (1:1.5 method)

PH : 6 - 7

Material : 100% coco peat / 70%coco peat mixed with 30% short fiber

Compression Ratio : 5:1

Load ability: 7400 grow bags approx. in 40’HC container (Palletized & Stretched)

Packing : UV treated Polybag (outside white; inside black)