origin: Vietnam
price: Call for pricing
packing: As per requirement, non-palletized (will be bare block loading on container floor, 26 metric ton per 40 feet container or Palletized, stretch, wrapped and strapped. PP, 16-22kg/bag, 186-192 blocks per pallet. 24 pallets per 40’ container ~ 16-18 MTS.

Usage: Multi-purpose growing medium, Soil amendment, Golf course construction, Landscaping, Water filtration, Air filtration, Mulches, Compost amendment, Worm castings, Animal bedding (cattle), Absorption, Erosion control, Fuel

Coco-peat is treated as soilless, organic agricultural fertilizer, organic compound for mushroom growing, moist-retentive substance for plant, etc

Block Size: 30 x 30 x 15 cm ( or - 2 cm)

Fiber length: Less than 2cm Weight : 5kg (+/- 3%)

Electric Conductivity (E.C): High EC (Animal Bedding) ( 5.5 TO 6.5)

Low EC (For Plant Growth) < 0.5-0.8 ms/cm

Impurities/Sand 3% Max

Moisture: 15-20% Max

PH: 5.8 to 6.8

Compression Ratio: Over 75 Liters / Block