Collect billions from the processing of export Pangasius bubbles

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Mr. Tran Van Ngo, 48 years old, owner of the establishment of Ngay in Trung Binh hamlet, Thoai Giang commune, Thoai Son district, An Giang province has produced dried fish bubbles which brought extremely excited effect. From the by-products that are nothing worthwhile, but with the skillful hands, hard work and the creative spirit of the processor, Moringa has created a high-class food "fish bubble" that can be processed into Many nutritious dishes are favored by many domestic and foreign customers.

Mr. Ngay said that his establishment started operating in 2009. Nearly 10 years working with the profession, he has accumulated a lot of capital and experience. As a result, the establishment is growing, expanding production scale, investing in more equipment and actively seeking partners to sign a contract to buy waste products and a consumption contract. Thanks to the dynamic and grasping the needs of the market, the quality of his products has been increasingly improved by many reliable customers.

Currently, he buys on average 2.5 tons of fresh fish bubbles a week at VND 38,000 / kg from frozen seafood processing enterprises inside and outside the province. If done according to the technical process, on average, 5kg of fresh air bubbles will produce 1kg of dry bubbles. The current selling price is 210,000 VND / kg of finished bubble.

Mr. Ngay said that the process of processing fish bubbles is meticulous and meticulous, requiring employees to master the technique, from removing the fat, cleaning, inverting the bubbles to the salting process. So clean and white. The most important step is to hot air bubbles into the rubber tube and dry. If it is raining, it must be treated with a drying oven.

After drying, the product is stored in an appropriate temperature environment. Mr. Ngu said the fish bubble after the finished product was moved to Ho Chi Minh City to export to Thailand and China by quota.

In addition to family profits, bubble fish processing facilities also create regular jobs for more than 20 local workers (up to 30 people at peak). Most employees are paid by the product for 6,000 VND / kg of fresh bubbles. A person doing well every day can be more than 20kg. In addition, he contributed to the local construction of houses of affection and other social activities.


Regarding efficiency, Mr. Ngay said, two years ago the profit was very high. This has been gradually reduced because the price of raw materials increased by one and a half times, the price of electricity and water has increased, while the selling price remains the same. Therefore, in 2017, the revenue is only about 10 billion dong, excluding the remaining profit of over 1 billion dong.

 People's Committee of An Giang Province "Outstanding achievements in the movement of good farmers in production and business" and the Certificate of Merit of the Farmers Association of An Giang Province "Achieving excellence. in the movement of good business production. "