Dried mango for export

Friday, June 19, 2020

Great quality

Most of the exported, flexible dried mango products are of excellent quality, undergoing strict censorship. Compared to conventional products on the market, the export products are usually of better quality. Because, in order to export a product to other countries, it must meet quality criteria. First, the source of raw materials must be large, juicy mango fruits, not using toxic chemicals. Secondly, the process of processing, manufacturing and packaging products must use modern technology with a closed process to ensure food safety and hygiene. Thirdly, the product must be beautifully packaged, product information, manufacturers are also more detailed. This is why many people prefer to use export products over other products.

xoài sấy dẻo xuất khẩu

Delicious taste, eye-catching colors

In addition to the criteria of quality, the exported flexible mango products also impress the taste and color. Because it is selected from organic raw materials, quality assurance so the processing will have a delicious taste. With modern processing technology, mango after drying will retain its natural aroma, eye-catching yellow color with sour, sweet and sweet taste. The flexible mango pieces that are neither too soft nor too soft will automatically melt right in your mouth. Not only that, mangoes also retain the nutrients to ensure nutrition for users. The sweetness is just enough, not as dry as normal dried fruit, so when you use it, you won't get bored. In addition, mangoes are processed using modern technology so they do not drip or absorb oil like other methods. The product is packed handy, helping you easily store and carry when you need to move. This is also one of the advantages that export products bring that consumers need to know.

xoài sấy dẻo xuất khẩu