Fruit export to China: Expectations are on the way

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Một nông dân ở TP.Long Khánh phấn khởi vì sầu riêng đầu mùa đạt giá cao. Ảnh: B.Nguyên

Recently, however, China has reopened its agricultural imports. It is forecasted that agricultural exports to this country will gradually recover in the coming time. However, the export of agricultural products and fresh fruits is still risky due to the complicated Covid-19 epidemic.

* Difficulty in the first 3 months of the year

Since the 2020 Lunar New Year up to now, many exported fruits such as jackfruit, mango, dragon fruit ... often stand at low prices because of difficulties in exporting. In particular, the heaviest damage was the mango farmers because many regions harvested at the right time when China closed the border gate without importing goods.

Mr. Nguyen The Bao, Director of Suoi Lon Mango Cooperative (Xuan Hung commune, H. Xuan Loc district) lamentedly said that the mango in this area was harvested at the right time when China temporarily closed its border gate because of Covid-19 outbreak. Many gardeners let the ripe mangoes fall into their gardens because there are no traders to buy them because they cannot export, and the demand for consumption in the domestic market also plummeted. Mr. Bao said: “Many farmers are empty-handed in this harvest. Currently, China has reopened to import goods, but the source of mangoes is still abundant, so the selling price is still very low.

According to mango farmers, mango prices are currently at the lowest level in the past 10 years. Specifically, the price of Hoa Loc mango at the same time last year sold in the garden is about 50,000 VND / kg, it is only about 10,000 VND / kg; Thai mango, Taiwanese seed 4-5 thousand VND / kg, three rainy season mango is 1.5-1.8 thousand VND / kg.

Particularly, bananas exported over the past time still have good prices because the Chinese market prioritizes importing this item. However, many cooperatives and exporters also lost all goods and money because they exported into the disease outbreak.

Mr. Pham Thanh Dong, Director of Quyet Tien Agricultural, Service and Trade Co-operative (Xuan My commune, H.Cam My commune) shared: “In the last harvest, I lost dozens of containers of exported bananas, the damage was done. billions of dollars because of the loss of goods and many other costs. Exporting products at that time, I knew the risks but still "risk" because the bananas to the age of forced harvest, could not be fully ripe. As a result, my importing partner "ruffled" did not pay because it was imported at the right time when the Chinese market side closed all transactions in the market when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out strongly.

* There is still a chance

Recently, trade with China has shown signs of prosperity, traders have started to buy back many fruit items such as bananas, mangoes, dragon fruits ... for export to China. Although not as expected, but many farmers are still expecting the next time the market will be cleared.

Ms. Dang Thi Thuy Nga, a trader in Xuan Dinh commune (H.Xuan Loc), said some partners in China's border provinces have begun to order fruit, passion fruit. Accordingly, the activities of buying and selling fruit for export have started to restart after weeks of stagnation. However, due to the complicated situation of Covid-19 epidemic diseases, many traders are more cautious in accepting orders, they often receive small volume orders to quickly collect enough sources for immediate export. The risk of collecting large quantities and then being suspended at the border gate as before.

Export activities are also facing more barriers before China is taking measures to tighten the management of imports and exports through border gates to control the Covid-19 epidemic and prevent infection from foreign countries entering the country. Therefore, it is very difficult to export through a quota and the risks are also great.

Mr. Pham Thanh Dong said that the export activities to China are now gradually recovering, the demand for food products, including fresh fruit, is very large in this market. However, the export through quota is still tightened and easily closed. Businesses and traders should invest to switch to official export through sea border gates, which will have less risk of border closure like roads.