Increase income from banana leaves

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

In the province, banana trees are grown in many areas with fertile soil such as Hung Yen City, Khoai Chau and Kim Dong districts ... with 2 types of western bananas and pepper. Recently, due to grasping the trend of the market, banana farmers in the province have stepped up the application of technical measures to harvest large pods of bananas, nice designs and take advantage of exploiting more banana leaves. to increase income. In Tu Dan commune (Khoai Chau), the locality has more than 400 acres of banana growing area, according to the experience of the banana farmers here: If the bananas are only harvested seasonally, the banana leaves are being many households. The bananas are harvested and sold year-round in both varieties. In particular, bananas are harvested dry leaves to use packages of hemp cake, Gac cake while bananas are collected fresh leaves to wrap green vegetables or spring rolls ...It seems that the collection of banana leaves is simple, but actually with each type of banana leaf requires technical, specific collection requirements when used to achieve the highest efficiency. Mr. Cao Van Cuong of Tu Dan Commune has nearly 10 years of working as a banana leaf collector. occupations have to take advantage of collecting in the period from 4-5 am to about 8-9 o'clock because then soft, flexible banana leaves will be easier along, tearing more leaves. Currently, my family is buying dried pepper bananas for people inside and outside the commune for about 7-9 thousand VND / kg. On average, I sell about 3-4 tons of leaves every month in many provinces such as Thanh Hoa, Nam Dinh, Thai Binh ... ”. With banana leaves, pepper is collected like that, while banana leaves are easier, require no time, but require the pickers to choose large, thick, green-colored leaves and use knives. along the leaf be careful not to tear or shatter to ensure efficient use.


Collecting banana leaves is considered a "profit-making" career, over the past time, many people who specialize in banana-leaf picking not only take advantage of banana leaf picking at the family's banana garden but also go to collect leaves in the Banana garden in other localities inside and outside the province. Mr. Nguyen Huu Thang of Tu Dan Commune said: “My family mainly earns money from growing bananas. Besides, I have a job collecting banana leaves. If I get up early, I collect 20-30 kg of leaves a day, giving an income of 150-250 thousand VND. In the commune, not only my family but also many other families are also doing this profession ”.

Recognizing the advantages of a banana leaf, many people now plant a large area of banana besides their area to harvest fruits and devote part of their area to harvest leaves. Typically, the banana garden of Mr. Bui Van Minh's family in Duc Hop commune (Kim Dong), Mr. Minh said: “My family's banana garden is over 60 acres. Currently, besides the area of growing bananas to harvest fruits, my family often spends about 10-15 acres to collect leaves. Every day, traders come to the garden to choose by themselves, harvesting about 2-3 quintal of fresh banana leaves, giving my family an income of 200-300 thousand VND / day ”.

With the increasingly popular use of banana leaves in daily life, it has not only contributed to protecting the environment and consumers' health, but also became one of the agricultural products that brought more income to many people. family.