Jackfruit seeds in Japan 200,000 / kg, Vietnam this time just throw away

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Recently, many international students and Vietnamese workers in Japan have constantly posted on social networks a series of photos of unbelievably expensive prices of some foods that are considered popular foods, even lice "for nobody to take" in Vietnam, including jackfruit seeds.

Jackfruit seed is a popular snack of children in the past. This seed can be used to boil, roast, eat quite tasty and fleshy. This product does not cost money to buy because it is in the jackfruit zone, just finished eating jackfruit is immediately available seeds.

Nowadays, many other snacks appear, new and delicious so jackfruit seeds are no longer used by many Vietnamese people, even considered as rubbish thrown away, for nobody to take.

Hạt mít ở Nhật 200.000/kg, Việt Nam thời này chỉ vứt đi

However, when exported to foreign countries, it became a "hot" item. In Japan, jackfruit seeds are packed in careful packaging, sold quite a lot at the supermarket and are quite expensive, 200,000 VND / kg. This makes many people surprised, excited about this item.

Not only jackfruit seeds but jackfruit, jackfruit trees are also many people in the world very seriously, as a very valuable product.

Hạt mít ở Nhật 200.000/kg, Việt Nam thời này chỉ vứt đi

If in Vietnam, jackfruit is widely sold on sidewalks, toad markets with a cheap price, only a few tens of thousands a kilogram, then abroad, after being packed, stamped, they are sold at a price hard to imagine. A jackfruit can cost more than 1 million, ten times more expensive than in Vietnam and still do not have to buy.

Jackfruit is also considered by the world as a super food. Some famous newspapers in the world have published unexpected information about the effect of jackfruit. Accordingly, nutrition researchers believe that when climate change makes the future of food industry become unstable, especially in poor places, jackfruit is the "savior". It can replace meat, helping to "fill the stomach" while ensuring adequate nutrition.

Accordingly, jackfruit has high levels of protein, potassium and B vitamins, just 2 jackfruit packs contain about 95 calories, but they do not have high sugar carbohydrates or calories like rice, corn. In addition, they also contain 37% of the vitamin C needed for 1 day, 1 gram of fat and 38 grams of carbohydrate.

Not only is a "magic" fruit, parts of jackfruit including stems, leaves have certain effects. Jackfruit leaves can be used as feed for goats and cattle, and also treat fevers, boils and skin diseases. Jackfruit bark is also used to prepare the orange dye often found on monks' robes.

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, many people are quite indifferent to jackfruit. Most Vietnamese think jackfruit is just a snack. Moreover, folk believe that eating too much jackfruit can cause the body to be hot and boils.

Only a few localities know how to use jackfruit to make dishes, such as jackfruit mixed with shrimp, onions, to make jackfruit, fish sauce to eat with rice paper. Many people also use jackfruit to cook soup such as vegetables, fish stock, fried with meat, salad. People who know how to use jackfruit as a food in daily meals are still quite modest