Lemon leaves in Vietnam only for eating with chicken, to Europe to sell 6.3 million / kg

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Lemon leaves are very familiar to Vietnamese people, often used to sprinkle over boiled chicken as a spice. However, we Vietnamese often pay more attention to lemons than lemon leaves. Vietnamese farmers rarely consider lemon leaves as one of their income sources. In many places, lime leaves are sold for "as cheap as" in the market.

However, lemon leaves are a highly spiced leaf abroad. At, an online store, lemon leaves are available for sale for about US $ 7 an ounce, equivalent to 25g. Thus, 100g lemon leaves are priced at about 28 USD (635,000 VND), 1kg will cost "stunned" at about 6.35 million.

Perhaps because of the great profits from this ordinary leaf, lemon trees have been collected by dozens of companies to export to the European market for several millions of years.

Lá chanh ở Việt Nam chỉ để ăn với thịt gà, sang châu Âu bán 6,3 triệu/kg

According to the leader of a company specializing in the purchase of lemon leaves in the South for export, lemon leaves are widely used in many other dishes in the West.

Lemon leaves exported to the European market have 2 types, spice packaged with galangal, chilli and lemongrass products, creating a complete flavor of Thai hot pot. Compared to Thai products, the Thai hot pot spices in Vietnam are much more fragrant and flavorful. In the regular form, only lemon leaves are packed into small bags and completely frozen.

Lemon is originally shaped in Vietnam as a shrub, about 5 meters high with many thorns. The dwarf lime varieties are more common to gardeners, they can be grown in greenhouses because of the cold weather.

Lá chanh ở Việt Nam chỉ để ăn với thịt gà, sang châu Âu bán 6,3 triệu/kg

Stems rarely grow straight but radiate branches from near the base. Egg-shaped leaves, 2.5 to 9 cm long (1–3.5 inches), look like orange leaves (the scientific name aurantifolia refers to the leaves of this plant resembling orange leaves - C. aurantium).

Lemon flower has a diameter of 2.5 cm (1 inch), white, turns yellow, has slight purple veins. The tree bears fruit all year round, but bears most fruit from May to September. Fruit ripens after 5 to 6 months when the flower is in bloom.