Lien Khe people planted custard apple and harvested for 6 months

Friday, August 28, 2020

Earning half a billion 1 hectare

Lien Khe commune, Thuy Nguyen district is the locality where most custard-apple growers in Hai Phong are specialized in cultivation, focusing on 100 ha. Na plant is considered the main crop here, not only bringing high economic efficiency, helping people to get rich, but also creating momentum for general economic development and social security.

Because the efficiency from growing custard-apple is many times higher than that of rice, many households actively cultivate deeply, apply scientific and technical advances to care, so their products have increasingly high quality. delicious taste and high economic value in the market.

Mỗi cây na nếu chăm sóc tốt có thể thu về 15kg quả/1 năm. Ảnh: Đinh Mười.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung - Chairman of Lien Khe Commune People's Committee, said that the custard-apple farming here has existed for a long time, but before, it was planted spontaneously, the care and prevention of pests and diseases still had many limitations, not yet applying scientific advances. Learning techniques in production, largely based on experience, leads to unstable productivity and quality of fruit designs.

From 2018, Lien Khe custard-apple products are stamped with product traceability and packaging to ensure the best fruit quality when they reach consumers. Since then up to now, Lien Khe's custard-apple products have approached the markets of provinces and cities and are highly appreciated by consumers for product quality.

“The soil in Lien Khe is very suitable for custard-apple and some other fruit trees. We grow custard-apple, not mixed with other types of custard-apple, so we can create purebred varieties, not crossbreeds, so it has a very delicious taste, creating a unique characteristic of Lien Khe na. At present, the local purchasing price is from 90-100k / 1 kg, about 20-30,000 VND higher than the market and is maintained stably every year. If you take good care of each hectare, you will get about 9 tons of custard-apple a year, many rich households will see ", Mr. Hung added.

According to Mr. Hung, with the practical economic efficiency from the cultivation of custard-apple, the locality is proposing to the district to convert more than 90 hectares of inefficient rice-growing land to land for perennial crops and aquaculture. In particular, with custard-apple trees, it will be transformed into a large growing area, expanding VietGAP's acreage to consume products for farmers, and better manage production.

Na được chủ động cho ra hoa và thụ phấn ở phần thân cây, giúp quả to và mẫu mã đẹp. Ảnh: Đinh Mười.

Active pollination, giving fruit for 6 months

Due to its high economic value, which is more stable than many other crops, many households actively specialize in intensive farming, so the quality of products is increasingly high. In particular, with the cultivation techniques trained and instructed by State agencies, people in Lien Khe commune can be proactive in pollination, choose the location to produce fruit and harvest products throughout the 6 years. the month of the year.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hit in village 9, Lien Khe commune said that her family has been growing custard-apple for many years, the most important thing to pay attention to is the technique of pollination, choosing the point to produce fruit and fertilizing for custard apple. The fruit is delicious, fragrant, clean and quality.

We choose points for pollination flowers and focus mainly on pollination in the stem, this is very important, the position is not too close to the body because it will be late, but if you go outside too, the fruit Not enough nutrients, after the fruit will have leaves touch the custard-apple fruit will be bruised, scratched. Currently, we can regulate that custard apple can bear fruit from June to December of lunar year each year, 1 tree can yield 10-15kg. If we take good care of it, each hectare will get about 9 tons in 1 year "- shared by Ms.Luot.

Ông Ngô Văn Giang – Phó Giám đốc HTX sản xuất kinh doanh và Dịch vụ nông nghiệp Liên Khê giới thiệu quy trình sản xuất an toàn với lãnh đạo Chi cục Quản lí chất lượng Nông lâm thủy sản Hải Phòng. Ảnh: Đinh Mười.

According to the reporter, each year, people in Lien Khe commune here get from 700-800 tons of commercial custard-apple with high economic value. Lien Khe custard-apple products are being widely consumed in many provinces from Quang Binh upwards, Lien Khe agricultural production, business and service co-operatives are spending money for households to associate production with cooperation. commune.

Mr. Ngo Van Giang - Deputy Director of Lien Khe Agricultural Service Cooperative said: We are one of the few cooperatives of the city leading in the linkage of agricultural products consumption and consumption with good results, that result has been recognized by all levels and sectors, for many consecutive years, the cooperative has been awarded certificates of merit and emulation flags by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the People's Committee of Hai Phong city, district has awarded certificates of merit. Especially honored to welcome many delegations such as Central Economic Committee, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, leaders of the city, district ... and many delegations from provinces and cities to visit.

"Soursop tree has been promoting the role of a key crop in the development of agricultural production in Lien Khe, helping many farmers reduce poverty, get rich, contribute to reducing the poverty rate of the commune. Lien Khe. However, the development of custard-apple trees in the commune still has some shortcomings, for example, the whole commune has only achieved 30% of the commune's soursop area according to VietGAP process and traceability stamping. origin. Meanwhile, the market's demand is very large, it needs quality products and product traceability…. ”, Mr. Giang shared.