Morning glory in Vietnam is cheap with a cup of iced tea

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Rau muống ở Việt Nam rẻ bằng cốc trà đá, ra nước ngoài đại gia mới dám mua ăn - 1

Since ancient times, water spinach has always been a popular, wild, easy-to-eat and easy-to-cook vegetable for Vietnamese people. Therefore, the price of water spinach in Vietnam is only a few thousand VND / bundle, equal to the price of a cup of iced tea, but when abroad, the price of spinach is hundreds of times more expensive.

In Japan, Mr. Lam Vo said, water spinach where he lives sometimes sells and the price is 50,000 VND ... 6 stalks of vegetables.

Also living in Japan, Huong Do said: “Morning glory in Vietnam 5,000 VND / bundle of 7 people can't eat all but in Japan for 2 years they haven't dared to eat morning glory because about 100,000 VND gets about 10 stalks, probably bought every day. Eat one stalk. ”

Rau muống ở Việt Nam rẻ bằng cốc trà đá, ra nước ngoài đại gia mới dám mua ăn - 2

“Where I live in the UK, spinach costs 2.5 pounds per bundle (about 75,000 VND). Such a bundle will bring about stir-frying and picking up 1 to 2 chopsticks. If you bring it back, you have to stir it very salty to eat for a long time, ”said Brian Hiep Le, a UK student.

Also according to Brian, the 3 bundles of vegetables that he brought back to boil first because water spinach is very precious. “I'll save that pot of boiled vegetable juice in the fridge to eat gradually. Each time dared to get just enough, not dare to get left to slurp, "Brian said.

“This party only dares to eat morning glory once a month. My siblings, whenever I found myself buying water spinach, told me I was a rich man because they have been here for a few years but I dare to eat water spinach several times. In Vietnam, processing spinach up and down, coming here as precious as gold. Tet holiday does not need to give anything precious, just give yourself a few bundles of spinach is grateful for life, ”Brian shared heartily.

Rau muống ở Việt Nam rẻ bằng cốc trà đá, ra nước ngoài đại gia mới dám mua ăn - 3

Living in Finland, Mr. Bui Anh Dung said that here, water spinach costs 3 euros / bag, is ... 3 stalks of spinach.

Sharing the same opinion, Ms. Linh Dang also said that: “Morning glory in Finland is expensive, the stalks are big and old but still trying to chew because they are expensive to pick up and unfortunately. And the spinach here is light, not fragrant and tastes like spinach in Vietnam ”.

Le Thuy, a Viet Kieu living in the US, said that the price of spinach in the US also varies from state to state, but in the cold state, the vegetables will be more expensive, about 9 USD (about 210,000 VND) / bundle but very little.

“If you like it, just eat it, your family can wear clothes for 5 years, wear 2, 3 sets, you can not go to play, movies can not be watched but you have to eat, you have to have a good mouth”, Ms. Thuy shared.

Living in Germany, Ms. Vu Thuy Linh shared, a bag of spinach in Germany costs more than 4 euros (over 104,000 VND).

"My younger brother, who is a French student who goes to Vietnam for summer holidays, wants his mother to bundle a bunch of spinach into a suitcase and eat it gradually, he also wants to bring seeds to plant," Linh said.

Rau muống ở Việt Nam rẻ bằng cốc trà đá, ra nước ngoài đại gia mới dám mua ăn - 4

Because of the high price and scarcity mentioned above, many Vietnamese have brought spinach seeds to foreign countries and planted them successfully.

Interestingly, in Japan, a lot of sprouts, and spinach sprouts are sold in the supermarket, used to make raw, especially raw salads. So many Vietnamese who live here have tried to buy sprouts and planted them on the ground, watering regularly, only 3 weeks later they have water spinach.

It is known that a package of sprouts costs 100 Japanese yen (more than 21,000 VND) but can eat 3 meals full of spinach, each harvest of vegetables is the whole family spoiled for eating spinach, but rather comfortable eating without hesitation think.