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  • Collect billions from the processing of export Pangasius bubbles

    Many production and business establishments are making a living by processing products from tra fish waste. Especially during the Lunar New Year, the number of dried fish exports is increasing.

  • Unexpected Use Of Bat Feces

    Nowadays, with the trend of consuming green food, the introduction of organic product lines has become quite popular with consumers. In which, the use of organic fertilizer has been paid much attention. Because of its many beneficial properties and properties, bat droppings have been sought by many people.

  • Hoi An lantern export quality

    Let Vietnamese lanterns serve the needs of foreign customers and bring the most prestigious, beautiful and Vietnamese products to light everywhere.

  • Jackfruit seeds in Japan 200,000 / kg, Vietnam this time just throw away

    In Vietnam, jackfruit seeds are often thrown away. However, in Japan, jackfruit seeds are packed in luxury, sold at supermarkets with quite expensive price, 200,000 / kg.

  • Increase income from banana leaves

    Recently, in the market, banana leaves have been preferred to use for wrapping foods to replace plastic bags. This is considered a practical action gradually eliminating plastic bags from consumers' shopping habits in order to contribute to environmental protection. It is also from the priority to use banana leaves that are creating conditions for many people specializing in banana growing in the province to have more income from harvesting banana leaves.

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