Pillow Shaped Charcoal Briquettes

origin: Vietnam
price: Call for pricing



- Function: BBQ


- Material: 95% coconut skins + 5% binder (cassava powder)


- Smoldering, no fire, no explosion


- fire fast


- lots of smoke


- Many ashes, which are gray


- Non-toxic, safe health


Technical Specifications


Burning time 2 - 3 hours


Moisture Rating 5.39%


Ash Ratio 8.71%


Fixed carbon ratio: 66.49%


Calories (kcal / kg) (Calorific) 6701


Volatile matter 29.80%




- Suitable for packing 3-12kg carton, kraft paper bag 3kg.


User manual


1. Open the bag for charcoal in the tray, grill


2. Place the charcoal around the ignition in the tray (grill) at a ventilated location

3. Put a fire in the prey


4. Allow the charcoal to catch fire and run out of smoke for about 15 minutes. (If you want faster, you can combine hand fan or electric fan.


5. San are coal in the kitchen tray


6. Put the griddle on the tray or the stove and use