Unexpected Use Of Bat Feces

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Bat manure is an organic fertilizer with a high nutrient content. Especially in bat manure, the amount of N-P-K is quite high, especially the highest phosphorus content. This is considered to be the most distinctive thing of bat manure compared to other types of organic fertilizer. In addition, the bat has no macronutrients, intermediate and trace elements. Bat droppings contain a myriad of beneficial bacteria that are good for the soil and kill insects that are harmful to plants. Because of these differences, bat droppings are sought by many people.Sử Dụng Phân Dơi - Giải Pháp Tuyệt Vời Cho Hoa Lan

Suitable for plants that eat leaves, fruits

Because of the high phosphorus content of bat manure, it helps the photosynthesis process and stimulates fruit tree fruit very well. In addition, helps the roots of the plant thrive, harden many fruits, increase resistance. Flowers often use bat manure as orchids, roses ...

Bat droppings contain bacteria that are beneficial to the growth of plants, can prevent insects that harm the soil, so when using bat manure, people will not have to use chemical drugs. other. Therefore, the cultivation of fruit and vegetables is extremely economical for other chemical costs while ensuring an extremely fresh fruit and vegetable. A variety of beneficial bacteria will help the soil be well suited for growing plants. Improving soil environment, friendly with the environment, fresh and safe product quality for users is all that bat manure provides to users when fertilizing crops.

Công Dụng Không Ngờ Của Phân Dơi

There are many sharing of clean farms in Soc Trang using bat manure saying: “Any tree that is fertilized by bat also grows fast, is green and especially has few pests, greatly reducing the cost of pesticides. plant protection; bat fertilized fruits are very popular in the market because they are clean and have a strong flavor ”. It is good news for those who are planning to use bat manure in their gardens


Bat droppings have many applications in medicine

According to many studies, bat droppings have a lot of uses in healing. Bat droppings contain substances to treat diseases such as leprosy, eye disease, night blindness, armpit odor, and burn them to drink to give birth to fetuses in the abdomen.

Making explosives

Because the potassium content in bat manure is also quite high, bat manure is considered a source for making matches

Công Dụng Không Ngờ Của Phân Dơi