You know, pineapple leaves are predicted to lead the culinary trend in 2020

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

According to culinary journalist Nigella Lawsan, the "hotness" of this leaf is about to match with the "luxurious names" in the culinary village such as avocado or matcha.

Pineapple leaves are known for their pleasant aroma comparable to vanilla. This aroma usually emits when people crush or squeeze leaves to get the essence. In many Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia ... pineapple leaves are often used to create natural flavors and colors for dishes such as cakes, donuts, sticky rice ... Recently, the combination of leaves Pineapple with chocolate in cream or pudding creates a new flavor of leaves and is also very delicious

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lá dứa thơm xuất khẩu"

Pineapple leaves are now widely marketed. You can choose to buy fresh leaves, dried leaves or whole plants. Or you can buy pineapple powder or leaf extract to make drinks such as tea, milkshake.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lá dứa thơm xuất khẩu"

Besides being used in food, pineapple leaves also have beauty effects. The essence of pineapple leaves can maintain the shiny appearance of the hair, reducing dandruff. In addition, pineapple leaves also have health effects such as reducing blood pressure, reducing pain, maintaining joint flexibility and eliminating mosquitoes.

With the aroma and wonderful uses mentioned above, pineapple leaves certainly promise to "stir" the culinary village in the coming year.